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Two organic, grass-fed bulls go head to head.  Click the picture to enlarge.
Two certified organic, grass-fed bulls go head to head in the pasture.  On the left is a Belted Galloway/Devon Cross, on the right is a Red Devon.  (Please note the bulls are just playing and no animals were injured during this photo session!)  Click the photo to enlarge.

Certified Organic Grass-Fed Beef

Wellesley Island Grown
By the Cut or Mixed Quarter

Why Buy CERTIFIED ORGANIC GRASS-FED BEEF from Cross Island Farms? 

1.      Raised Naturally, Outdoors on Pasture – No Grain, Ever!

2.      No Hormones or Antibiotics

3.      Heritage breeds for lower & better fat, lower calories, more Omega 3's, CLA, and Vitamin E*.

4.      Exceptional flavor!

5.      Fresh air, exercise, and varied diet means healthier animals and meat

6.      Supports local farmers and the local economy

7.     Supports the local economy

8.      Reduced food miles

9.       Environmentally responsible

10.  Low stress livestock handling 

Wellesley Island Grown Certified Organic Grass-Fed Beef is sold by the mixed quarter and priced by hanging weight.  (Our goat and pork is sold by live weight.)  The mixed quarters should be around 100-125 lbs hanging weight for the fall beef.

            This year we have one Belted Galloway/Red Devon cross for harvest.  These are heritage breeds that do particularly well on a grass-fed diet.  The butcher dates should be approximately September 2016.  Please call for actual dates.

            You are purchasing a share of a live animal to be slaughtered  by Red Barn Meats or Willard & Sons, our USDA butchers.  You pay us $3.95 per pound, based on hanging weight, plus your share of transport to the butcher, with a minimum down payment of $200.00 per quarter to reserve your beef. You pay the butcher the processing charges which will vary, depending on the hanging weight, and your cutting orders. 

* Visit www.eatwild.com/healthbenefits.htm for more info.


Please reserve: __Mixed Quarter Certified Organic Grass-Fed Beef ($200.00 dep.)           

Make check payable to: Cross Island Farms        (Amount enclosed:_____) Name:__________________________  Phone:__________________



Click here for a printer friendly .pdf file

Click here for a beef cutting order sheet.

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Now available by the cut, 100% Grass-Fed, Organically-Raised, USDA-inspected steaks, burger, & hamburger patties.  Visit the farmhouse or call (315) 482-3663.  Supplies are limited.  organic@crossislandfarms.com

Certified Organic Grassfed Beef, healthy and delicious!  Click to enlarge.
Learn more about the health benefits of Certified Organic Grass-fed Beef at