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Genevieve covers a row of freshly planted greens.  Click to enlarge.

Genevieve, a Wwoofer from Quebec, covers newly planted greens in the hoophouse.  We hope to keep picking greens for sale past Thanksgiving.  Click the photo for a larger view

Gracie & Anneke.  Click to enlarge.

Working with the animals is an important part of farm life.  Here Wwoofer Anneke serves as Gracie's jungle gym!.  Click to enlarge.

Wwoofer Cameron builds a barn.  Click to enlarge.

Wwoofer Cameron builds a barn.  Click to enlarge.

Irrigation System, click to enlarge

David shows the irrigation system.  The beavers supply the water for our crops and livestock.

Tom Plants Grapes

Volunteer Tom plants grape vines in the vineyard.

Wwoofer Irina meets the new goats.  Click to enlarge.

Wwoofer Irina meets the new goats.  Click the picture to enlarge.

Organic Volunteer Opportunities


Cross Island Farms

  • Have you always wondered what it would be like to work on an organic farm?

  • Do you dream of someday having your own organic farm?

  • Do you love working with plants, animals, and Mother Earth?

  • Are you willing to work hard and get your hands and clothes dirty?

  • Are you interested in trading your time and labor for a hands-on learning opportunity?

  • Do you want to experience living on an organic farm?

If you answered yes to several of the above questions, you might be interested in volunteer work experience opportunities at Cross Island Farms.  Options range from a half-day experience to weekend, weeklong or longer on farm experiences.  Lodging may be available for longer term volunteers.

At this time we are not able to offer financial compensation, due to the fact that we are still building the farm business out of our own pockets and trying to get into the black.  However, we believe that the hands-on experience and the organic training and knowledge that we can offer would be of great value to the right people.  If you are considering getting into organic farming, the experience could be invaluable, even if you decide organic farming is NOT for you.

This offer is not for everyone.  If you would prefer to just look and not work, we also offer farm tours.  If, however, you are serious and want to give it a try, or discuss the possibilities, please call or email us.  Free Organic Volunteer" Opportunities


Emma and Dani Planting Vegatables.  Click to enlarge.

Volunteer intern Emma and Dani plant tomatoes.  Click the photo to enlarge.

Wwoofer Irina picks leeks.  Click to enlarge.

Wwoofer Irina, from Barcelona, picks leeks in August.  Click the photo to enlarge.

Wwoofer Anneke digs carrots in January.  Click to enlarge.

Woofer Anneke digs carrots in January.  There is always work to be done on the farm!  Click the photo to enlarge. 

About her experience at Cross Island Farms, Anneke wrote: "I had an awesome experience at Cross Island Farms. David and Dani were very accommodating and generous with their time, knowledge, and delicious homegrown veggies, meat, and jams! I learned a very diverse set of skills. Watch out, or you'll fall in love with the pigs."


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Nicolas prepares to feed the animals.  Click to enlarge.

Wwoofer Nicolas, from Quebec, prepares to feed the goats, pigs, and chickens.  He is very popular right now!  Click the photo to enlarge.

Nicolas leads the pigs to the corn patch.  Click to enlarge.

Nicolas leads the "pig parade" to the corn patch.  Click the photo to enlarge.


VOLUNTEER OPTIONS MAY INCLUDE (depending on the season, your interests, and our needs):

  • Honeybees

  • Maple Syrup

  • Grape Vineyard

  • Fence Construction

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Composting

  • Vegetable planting, weeding, & picking

  • Greenhouse

  • Livestock, currently pigs, goats, and chickens, and beef cattle, to include turkeys in the future

  • Management Intensive Rotational Grazing

  • Mulch and organic fertilizers

  • Row covers and other organic pest control

  • Preparing for CSA, Farmers Markets, or Chefs' orders

  • Machinery repair, modification, and construction

  • Farm construction including buildings, pens, etc

  • Woodlot management

  • Anything else that needs to be done on the farm

  • Like Jerry's grandpa used to say "There's always something to do, if you want to do it."

TI High School Intern Madison picks kale.  Click to enlarge.

TI High School intern Madison Cantwell picks kale in November.  Click the photo to enlarge.