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Piglets on pasture.  Click to enlarge.

Our pigs get fresh air, exercise, and eat their "vegetables".  Healthy, happy animals make healthy meat.  Click the picture to enlarge.










Cross Island Farms


Reserve Now for March Harvest!
Roaster Pigs Available Now, Click for More Info


1.      Raised Naturally, Outdoors on Pasture-- No   Hormones or Antibiotics

2.     Heritage breeds for lower & better fat, more Omega 3's, CLA, and vitamin E*

3.      Excellent Flavor

4.      Fresh air, exercise, and varied diet means healthier animals and meat

5.      Supports local farmers

6.      Supports the local economy

7.      Reduced food miles

8.     Environmentally responsible

9.       Low stress livestock handling

Wellesley Island Grown Certified Organic Pastured Pork, raised here on Cross Island Farms, on pasture in the fresh air and sunshine (OK occasional clouds and rain or snow, too!)  The pigs are born here and fed organic grain, vegetables, fruit, and pasture, with no hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals.  Allowed to run and play, eat grass, root in the dirt, and occasionally wallow in the mud.  Sold by the whole or half pig.  The pigs should be between 200 and 250 pounds at butchering.  Roaster pigs also available.

You are purchasing a live animal (whole or half pig) to be slaughtered by Brandt's Mobile Slaughtering in March  for processing (or sooner if it is a roaster.)  You pay us $3.50 per pound, based on live weight, with a minimum down payment of $100.00 per half or $200.00 per whole required to reserve your pig.

(Roaster pigs are by the whole animal only and $4.00 per lb. with $100.00 deposit for the pig and you pay Brandts’ processing charges.  Or we have USDA inspected frozen roaster pigs in stock for $7.00 lb. hanging weight including processing.  Click here for more details.

Regular payments are required as the pigs grow.  You pay the butcher the processing charges which will vary, depending on the hanging weight, your cutting orders, and how much you want smoked. Call or email us and we'll send you a cut sheet for the butcher. 

We also expect a litter in February for summer roasters and early fall harvest as full-grown pigs.

* Visit www.eatwild.com/healthbenefits.htm for more info.


Please reserve :                                            __Whole pig ($200.00 dep.)                        __Half pig ($100.00 dep.)
Make check payable to:
Cross Island Farms, 44301 Cross Island Rd., Wellesley Island NY 13640
(Amount enclosed:_____)

Name:___________________________   Address:__________________________

Phone:___________________________ Email:____________________________

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Now available by the cut,  Organically-Raised, USDA-inspected bacon, sausage, & pork.  Visit the farmhouse or call (315) 482-3663.  Supplies are limited.  organic@crossislandfarms.com

Delicious certified organic bacon, eggs, & tomatoes.  Click to enlarge.
Imagine delicious Certified Organic, Wellesley Island Grown Pork on your plate! The flavor is outstanding.  Click the photo to enlarge.


Pastured pigs in winter.  Click to enlarge

Our pigs live outside all year.  They are very hardy and healthy.  Click the photo to enlarge.