The Season is a’ Changin at Cross Island Farms

Dear Friend and Patrons of Cross Island Farms,
The season is a’changin here at Cross Island Farms.  On October 31 we had our first thick, wet snowfall – no accumulation.  The next morning, on the first of November, I fired up the woodstove for the first time this fall, a sure sign that cold weather is here to stay.  The temperature hit 20 this morning, the coldest it’s been so far.  The raspberries, which had continued to ripen throughout October, froze over night.
We have been working hard to stay ahead of the weather.  An island neighbor has been delivering truckloads of bagged leaves which we have been using to mulch the leeks, beets, carrots and parsnips in the hope that we can maintain enough heat in the ground to keep these vegetables viable all winter.  As long as they don’t freeze, they get sweeter the longer they are exposed to the cold.
Our vet came to the farm today to check to see if our two cows are pregnant.  David herded the cows one by one into a holding chute and the Vet did his thing.  Gailey was pronounced 7 weeks pregnant, and Hanna, 4 months!  The latter must have happened on the day during the summer when Little Pete jumped the fence so he could be with the ladies.
The gestation period for cows is 9 months, just like people, so if all goes well we expect one calf to arrive at the end of March or early April, and another by mid-June.
There’s still time to order your Thanksgiving Holiday Gourmet Vegetable Assortment.  Just send an email to let me know when you want yours to be ready here at the farm, or where and when you would like it delivered.
Well that’s all the news I can think of on this election eve.
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