Thanksgiving Greetings from Cross Island Farms

Dear Friends and Patrons of Cross Island Farms,

PREPPING FOR THE NEXT SEASONS – Still busy here buttoning up things for the cold weather ahead, although judging by the 10 day forecast, we are going to have fairly mild temperatures through the end of this month. We continue to rotate the animals through our gardens to clean up the remains of our summer vegetable crops and fertilize for spring planting.  At dusk yesterday David moved some of the goats to a section of the garden behind the house which I had just completed harvesting (kales, chards, cilantro, parsleys, broccoli, Brussels sprouts) so they could enjoy the greens that were left while cleaning up and fertilizing the area.  Of course, the goats had other ideas, soon escaping the electric fence to munch on my raspberry plants in an “off limits” section of the same garden.  When David came in and told me the news, I asked if they had trashed any of my row covers, and he said “how do I know, it’s dark out there!”
“SOCKS” JOINS THE HERD – We added a new member to our beef herd this past week,  “Socks,” a new Belted Galloway cow who didn’t pass muster as a pedigreed animal because she has white furry anklets just above her hooves.  David has posted a picture of her on our farm’s facebook page.
ROASTING A WHOLE PIG – Today we are roasting a pig as a test-run as we have several for sale and want to make sure they can fit in the oven.  I stuffed and trussed it this morning, tucked it in a roasting pan, and put it in our oven to roast at 350 degrees for several hours.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Next day:  it turned out fabulous, receiving rave reviews fom our dozen guests.  We have 5 more USDA butchered roaster pigs for sale from the farm, ranging in size from 25 to 35 pounds – something special for a Holiday or Super Bowl gathering.
FARMSTAND OPEN, MOVED INSIDE FRONT PORCH – If you are, or are going to be, in the area for the Thanksgiving Holiday, our SELF-SERVE FARMSTAND IS         STILL OPEN, 24/7, just moved to our FRONT PORCH, where we have a wide assortment of cool weather greens and seasonal root and storage vegetables for your holiday and late fall meals. Special orders for vegetables in quantity are always welcome as well.
We also have some tender and flavorful grass-fed BEEF steaks, roasts, ground meat, and patties as well as cuts of GOAT for sale at the farm..
Once again wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday.

Dani Baker

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