Greetings from Cross Island Farms

Dear Friends and Patrons of Cross Island Farms,
SPRING has finally sprung here on Wellesley Island after a false start in late winter
PLANTS:  Our pear trees and blueberry bushes are blooming.  The peas, which I planted in March, are finally starting to grow again after hugging the ground for a month for warmth.  My dining room is filled with racks of green seedlings soon to be planted in our gardens.
BABY ANIMALS:  Our pastures are green and growing.  Frolicking on them are twelve bouncing baby goats born this month, with our last doe due any day.  All three of our cows, Hanna, Gailey, and our new Belted Galloway addition, Socks, are all confirmed pregnant and due any time from later this month through July.   We are raising five baby turkeys, just over 3 weeks old at this writing, and have 28 duck eggs in our incubator about to hatch.
EGGS & VEGETABLES :   The FARMSTAND IS OPEN.  Yesterday we moved it from the front porch back to our roadside location, and gussied it up a bit for the season.  There you can find our delicious pastel-colored free range organic CHICKEN EGGS, and a new addition to our offerings: DUCK EGGS.   We also have fresh VEGETABLES including SPINACH, LETTUCE, ARUGULA, CHIVES, RHUBARB, PARSNIPS and SWISS CHARD.
MEATS:  Come to the house to ask for USDA butchered cuts of BEEF, GOAT, and now PORK, all raised organically here on our Wellesley Island pastures.
CSA MEMBERSHIP:  Our Clayton CSA slots are filled for this season, but we still have a few openings for pick-up at the farm on Wellesley.  Email for more info.
TOURS & CAMPING:  We would be happy to arrange a farm tour for your family and friends at your convenience, and offer a 20% discount for groups of 10 or more.  Our campsites are waiting for your tent and campfire.
Looking forward to seeing you again when you visit this season.  And please visit us (and “like” us) on facebook for some regular updates about goings on here.

Dani Baker

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