(Original Publish Date April 9, 2010)

Dear Friends and Patrons of Cross Island Farms,
Just a quick note to let you know that the Hoop House has exceeded all expectations and we have been harvesting fresh greens from the ground beneath it for a couple of weeks now.  THE  SELF-SERVE STAND IS OPEN and we are attempting to keep it supplied with an assortment of fresh-picked items which can change daily. 
Today, for example, I picked baby leaf lettuce, baby “Winterbor” Kale, chives, cilantro, and baby “Chioggia” beets which are now in a cooler on the stand waiting for you.   
In addition, we have leeks, parsnips, potatoes, onions, garlic, and pastel-colored free range eggs.  
Our eggs are becoming quite popular, but if you haven’t yet tried them, we are offering a special this weekend:  buy a carton of eggs at our regular price and get a head of island-grown, certified organic garlic free! 
One of our female goats, “Daughter”, is overdue to have her kids (she was due today) so if you stop by this weekend, you might find day-old twins, or maybe even be able to witness the birth!  She and her daughter, “Daughter Jr.” are inside an electrified net enclosing our Roadside Greenhouse. right across the driveway from the Farmstand. 
We look forward to your visit!
Dani Baker
Cross Island Farms
(315) 482-FOOD (3663)
44301 Cross Island Rd.
Wellesley Island NY 13640
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