A Late Fall Morning



As I write this at November’s end, looking outside my window I see the first steady snow of the season falling and beginning to accumulate on the not-yet-frozen ground. Earlier, I completed the morning chores, making sure the pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats and cows had fresh water and ample organic grain or hay for the day ahead. Once the five young pigs were distracted by their morning ration, I entered their 3/8 acre paddock and took several soil samples to combine and send to Cornell for evaluation in preparation for planning and planting the “edible forest” destined for that plot this spring.

Back at the house, the bird feeders were replenished with black oil sunflower seed, a favorite of the several blue jays, chickadees, and pair of cardinals who visit this time of year. For the Hairy and Downy woodpeckers, there is fresh suet which they prefer as it simulates fatty insects. For lunch I am looking forward to a bowl of Italian wedding soup I made with stock from our farm-raised vegetables and Thanksgiving turkey, just picked escarole, and tiny meatballs assembled from our own beef.

Later I’ll visit our hoop house which covers three rows in one of our gardens, protecting its cold-hardy contents from some of winter’s intensity so greens and root crops can be harvested continually and grow again in the spring. Then to Clayton to restock the Clayton Food Co-op where our greens, storage and root crops will be available throughout the coming season.

The pace has certainly (and thankfully) slowed since the rush of summmer and early fall harvesting. If there is enough snow on the ground, perhaps I can take a ski on our trails early tomorrow morning after the wet blanket crisps up from the cold of the night.

Here at Cross Island Farms we are open for business year round and have a variety of meats (beef, pork, goat, duckliing), eggs (duck and chicken) and vegetables (greens, Brussels sprouts,carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips, red and yellow onions, leeks, butternut squash, fingerling potatoes) for your everyday and Holiday meals.

We thank you for supporting our farm this past year, and wish you the best for the remainder of this holiday season,

Dani Baker

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