Bad News/Good News/All Greens from Cross Island Farms

Dear Friends and Greens Gourmets,
The growing season is progressing nicely.  All the melons, cukes, squashes and pumpkins are planted.  Most of the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are in the ground.  The potatoes have received their first hilling.  Peas and snap peas are flowering and setting pods.  Beets are bulbing.  Snakes are snoozing under row covers.  Bees are swarming.  Whoops.
Yes, we lost one hive the other day.  Dave and I were sitting on the screened in porch when Dave jumped up with a start:  he had seen what he thought was a swarm of bees flying overhead.  He dashed outside to see if he could locate them, but they were gone.  This morning I noticed that one of our beehive boxes was empty.  Bees will vacate their lair when they become overcrowded if the beekeeper doesn’t separate the hive before it gets to that point.  Hopefully they will settle somewhere nearby and continue to pollinate our crops.  The variety of bees we have, “Buckfast”, are very winter-hardy, but produce just enough honey to sustain their hive over the winter, thus we have had no honey to sell for the last couple of years.  The bees that produced our former honey were not that winter hardy and perished in the winter of 2007, alas.
So that’s one piece of bad news.  Another is that thanks to all of our loyal customers, the last of this Spring’s spinach harvest has dissappeared from the farmstand.  It was a bumper crop with two full cuttings.  If the weather cooperates, we may have more in the fall.  Spinach despises the high Summer weather and will go directly to seed if planted now.
The last piece of bad news is that we have exhausted our supply of Spring radishes for the moment.  More are growing interspersed with our second planting of beets, but it will be a couple of weeks before they are ready.
Now for the good news: our first harvest of COLLARD GREENS was made in the cool, damp, overcast air this morning.  Some have been set out at the stand for your culinary delight.  We also have fresh-picked mixed BABY LEAF LETTUCE,  assorted whole BIB LETTUCE HEADS, and crisp crunchy BOK CHOY available.  And what remains of our first pick of that succulent SWISS CHARD – come for it now or wait another 3 weeks for more.
And to save you the trouble of traveling frequently to our farmstand, we still have a large assortment of CERTIFIED ORGANIC VEGETABLE PLANTS so you can grow your own VEGIES in your garden or patio and harvest them in your pajamas each morning all summer long.
Looking forward to seeing you on your next visit to the farm.
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