June 26, 2009

Dear Friends and Loyal Farm Patrons,
When I was out before dawn this morning harvesting lettuce, radishes and Swiss Chard, I could hear our cows, now numbering 4! mooing contentedly.
It was an “unattended” birth:  we arrived back home at 6 p.m. two Saturdays ago to find a spritely baby boy calf, still damp, attempting to suckle his mother’s (Galley’s) engorged nipples.  To be honest, all but one was too big for him to get his little mouth around!  But over the next few days he easily overcame this problem.  He is all black, like his sister, as Galley was bred to a Red Devon, and the black color is dominant over red in cow genetics it seems.
Had he been a girl, we would raise her for breeding stock.  Since he is a boy, oh, well. . . .  More on that subject in a couple of years when he is grown.
Other news here at the farm:
Our new chicks numbering 30 have been thriving under David’s nurturing hands, and at a month old are big enough to move from the bathtub into the coop, a move which was executed two days ago to make room in the tub for a dozen day-old Guinea Hens arriving today!  For those of you who don’t know, they are small chickens which find ticks to be especially savory.  So their job will be to rid the grass and brush of those pests, fertilizing the pasture as they go.
The gardens continue to flourish, first the greens with the cool, moist Spring, and now the heat-loving tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cukes and squashes.
* * *  We have an abundance of early Summer offerings at the FARMSTAND this weekend including HEAD LETTUCE, LEAF LETTUCE, RADISHES, SCALLIONS, SNAP PEAS (EAT THE PODS), SHELL PEAS (REMOVE PEAS FROM PODS) AND ORANGE AND RED SWISS CHARD * * *
We also are taking reservations for our certified organic pastured pork by whole or half animal.  Visit for more info.
And for the first time we are ready to offer a specialty meat, young Chevon (goat), a staple in almost every culture but ours, and a delicious, healthy, low-fat choice to boot.  The one animal we have for sale now was born here in April, is still occasionally nursing, weighs between 45 and 50 pounds live, and should be very sweet and tender.  Our custom butcher, Brandt’s in Carthage, will process it as you specify.  Similar to lamb, you can get chops, a rack, a leg, a shoulder roast, stew meat, ground meat and sausage, even shanks!  Call 482-FOOD for more info or to purchase this first goat for your family and friends to sample.  We will be taking him to the butcher on Monday, so if you are interested, please hurry.  Also, we will have additional animals available as the Summer progresses.
Other news:   we have a volunteer staying with us who is a June graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, a very prestigious chef’s school, and she will be offering a grilling demo here at our farm in a couple of weeks:  look for a future email for more info.
Remember, when you come to the farm try to find Dave or I so we can show you the baby goats, pigs, chicks, Guinea Hens, and our new bull calf, “LIttle Pete”.  Until then,

Dani Baker

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